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STEAKAROLA® SWAROVSKI SMART tongs, is the perfect ally for any barbecue, whether fire or gas. Lightweight and easy to handle, it has a white Corian handle for a secure grip. It has Swarovski trim that makes it unique and elegant. Including lifetime warranty and free shipping, it is ideal for your grilling and properly turning even the heaviest piece of meat effortlessly(discover the ‘innovation) . Also available with custom screen printing(more info here).

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Reference: SWSM35

Craftsmanship and Quality

Each Steakarola is a handcrafted masterpiece, made with traditional techniques and the finest materials to ensure unparalleled durability and performance

100% Made in Italy design

Finished with skill and style, our rapier embodies the perfection of Made in Italy style, with a focus on functionality and aesthetics

Innovation and Comfort

With its patented connecting rod system, Steakarola ensures optimal gripping force while reducing effort. Its unique shape makes it easy to clean the grill after use.

Exclusive customization

You can screen print your Steakarola to make it a 100% unique piece!

Steakarola barbecue tongs

The amazingly small, convenient and practical Steakarola pliers with laser knurling. Ideal for all grilling!

Corian handle with high-grip Swarowski finish, with leather lace for closure.

Lifetime warranty!

For a limited time you can order the “Liberty” paisley version for only €5 more!

Availability: 14.

Enhance Your Steakarola with the

Turn your Steakarola clamp into a unique work of art with our exclusive custom screen printing service. Choose from three fascinating options to best express your personality and make your Steakarola a distinctive symbol of your culinary style

Your Writing

This option allows you to engrave an inscription of your choice on your Steakarola. We turn your words into a permanent distinctive mark on your clamp, giving it an added value of uniqueness and personality.

Maori Screen Printing

Inspired by the intricate shapes and deep meanings of Maori art, this option adds a touch of mystery and ancient wisdom to your Steakarola.

Liberty silkscreen printing

For lovers of elegance and finesse, Liberty screen printing turns your Steakarola into an Art Nouveau jewel.

Each screen print is made with the utmost care and precision by our artisans.

Turn the meat WITHOUT EFFORT

Perfect for any grilling enthusiast, the STEAKAROLA® barbecue tongs are the ideal solution for those seeking convenience and efficiency.

Meticulously designed to offer maximum control and ease of use, STEAKAROLA® makes turning even the heaviest pieces of meat a simple and effortless action.

UNIQUE features for unparalleled PERFORMANCE

  • Patented Connecting Rod System: The key to our clamp’s ease of use lies in its innovative connecting rod system. This mechanism transmits more force to the fork with minimal effort from the hand. You can easily handle meat pieces of any size without fatigue.

  • SPECIAL SHAPE FOR SCRAPING AND REMOVING: The underside of our tongs has a special shape that allows you to easily scrape and remove adhering food residue, keeping your grill clean and ready for the next use.

  • Ergonomic design: Made of high-quality stainless steel with solid wood inserts. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure grip, making every movement natural and precise.

integrated and robust

Imagine you are at your barbecue, expertly handling the grill with one hand while with the other you can easily open a bottle of wine or beer without having to search for a bottle opener. STEAKAROLA® makes this scenario possible with its integrated corkscrew handle, combining two essential features for every grilling enthusiast in one tool.

Turn every barbecue into a toast to life with the STEAKAROLA® corkscrew handle!

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