DRAFT Barbecue

How a Steakarola barbecue tong is born.

Each Steakarola barbecue tong is handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques.

This is an exclusive grilling accessory made of stainless steel with inserts on the handle either solid wood or Corian with Swarovski and finished with a laser knurling.

Our craftsmen carefully and expertly produce each piece, guaranteeing the precision and perfection typical of the“Made In Italy” style.

The patented connecting rod system provides great force on the fork with minimal hand effort; in addition, the special conformation on the underside allows for scraping and peeling off adherent parts left on the grid.

With speed and efficiency, we customize barbecue tongs according to customers’ requests and guarantee worldwide shipments very quickly.

Steakarola, the fantastic grilling tongs made entirely in Italy!

Italian Design - Free shipping and lifetime warranty!

High Quality Crafts

Each STEAKAROLA® barbecue tong is a masterpiece of craftsmanship produced by hand using traditional techniques by skilled artisans.

This process not only ensures superior quality but also uniqueness in each piece, emphasizing the precision and perfection typical of the “Made in Italy” style.

Innovation and Customization

Equipped with a patented connecting rod system, the STEAKAROLA® offers unprecedented control, allowing meat to be lifted and turned with minimal effort. In addition, the ability to customize the clamp according to specific customer requirements and the promise of fast worldwide shipping reflect Steakarola’s commitment to meeting the needs of every grilling enthusiast with efficiency and style.

Pinza per barbecue a fuoco o a gas

Exclusive Design and
Precious Materials

STEAKAROLA® stands out for its unique design, made of high-quality stainless steel with inserts chosen from solid wood, Corian, and even Swarovski, finished with a laser knurling. These details not only add a touch of luxury but also improve functionality and durability.

The Barbecue and Fireplace Tong Number 1 present on the market - Turning meat on the grill has never been easier!