Barbecue tongs project

How a Barbecue tongs BBQ Steakarola is born


Each Steakarola barbecue tongs is handmade by skilled artisans using traditional techniques.


It is an exclusive grill accessory, made of stainless steel with inserts on the handle with either solid wood or Corian with Swarovski and finished with a laser knurling.


Our artisans produce every single piece with care and expertise, guaranteeing the precision and perfection typical of the "Made in Italy" style.


The patented system of connecting rods guarantees great force on the fork, with a minimum effort of the hand; moreover the special conformation on the lower part allows to scrape and detach the adherent parts left on the grill.


With speed and efficiency we customize the barbecue tongs according to customer requests and guarantee shipments all over the world very quickly.


Steakarola, the fantastic grilling pliers made entirely in Italy!